ALIAH SELAH is a free spirit -
an  interdisciplinary artist, 

a singer/songwriter, dancer,
and actress
who is
also a spirtual activist, yogi, &
Medical Qigong Sound Healer.
continues to move people deeply
with her songs, video art in her music videos,
TV shows, and live shows with the
Lotus Heart Yogadancers.

Touch, feel, see, and know - whatever it is to you that's so
Look, listen, laugh, and be
Touch, feel, see, and know - whatever it is to you that's so
Let's follow our bliss until were free..

Spiritual Activism
is at the heart of everything Aliah does..

Current Music Recording Projects

Aliah's Art

Aliah's Acting

Aliah's Writing

Below are the Multi-Media/ Film / TV Show Visions

A Metaphysical Variety TV Show
For A Sustainable Peace.. Vision:

The concept has evolved now from Aliah's idea for a show
CREATIVITY LIVES! that grew out of her
Urban Vision Questing
in the Austin Monthly: Mike's Feedback.
And several articles in the Austin Monthly Newspaper:
Austin Daze
on the theme of being an artist whose an activist in today's world.

The Show boldly asks..

How has your creativity helped you to evolve?

Calling all Creative Visionaries...
Do you have something to say, stories to tell...
&/or comments about living a creative life?

Peacefarm Productions & Spiral On Productions
along with Aliah Selah and the band SPIRAL
are breakin' on through to the other side with a new TV show:

Humanitarianism + Creative Activism =


A NEW Berkeley Public Access Show

Filled with funny, witty, and charming characters who are
embracing life's synchronicities while riding the comic wave
of discovering their creative expressions and what may be
blocking it - from Prozac to co-dependency to other obsessions
and coming out the other side - so together we can help to
evolve our planet towards sustainable peace & prosperity.
We are honored to have it coming out of Berkeley Access -
the birth place of the free speech movement! And coming from
the magical Bay Area where the summer of love taught us
how it was done - we plan to honor that as well.

Please let us know
if you would like to offer your wisdom - we are in pre-production.

A TV/Radio Talk Show Vision -

Personal Source
with Aliah Selah:

Aliah had a dream where she woke up
remembering every detail of it -
a TV show that started out with a theme song
(that she remembered when she woke as well):

Life is.. what you make it!
It's all about keeping it sacred
Life is.. what you make it!
And everything that you do
comes back to you..

Then one of her music videos played with a song on the topic of today's show - a growth oriented issue that needs healing from a social perspective. The vision of the show is to be funny and light while still being packed with information and guests who have more information to offer on each topic in an atmosphere of
"New Thought" Solutions, Activism, Empowerment, & Wellness.

In addition to being a musician,
Aliah offers Personal Source
Life Readings combining: Astrology,
her own Transparenting Tarot Deck, &
& Energy Healing (Reiki Master in 3 styles)
Along with being a Wellness Consultant
& Yoga Teacher with her own style YOGADANCE FLOW
and recently earned her MA in Clinical Hypnotherapy,
finishing her PhD in Motivational Psychology.
She's been doing extensive research in Mind/Body/Heart/Spirit Connection for amazing wellness and miracle healings.

She uses her own original music pads to co-create custom CD's together with her clients over which she adds individual transformational visualizations for easing into changes.

An Electronica Ethno-Groove Music &
Spokenword Video/DVD Vision:

Isness Vision Questing
The multi-media experience will include many of Aliah's
forms of creativity including her collages & paintings..
and is dedicated to healing through creativity.
The spokenword poetry & her electronia music
& Performance Art that will be performed by
Aliah and will also include
some of Aliah's new concepts for dance.

A Family TV Show/Game Vision:

With their son Zackariah, Paz & Aliah are working on game birthed at her Mother's School called: The Global Village © 2005
that will teach a new way to have fun learning words.
They get to go to Global Village where they learn
more top secret grammar and communications skills from
the Elders of Global Village.

Are you experienced?
Would you like to BE experienced?

A Comedy Rockumentary Vision:

Aliah showcased at the Austin Capitol City Comedy Club & other Comedy Clubs with her set where she admits to being... a "Rockaholix" - this has now grown into a part reality/part rock n roll fantasy film.

The story shows the the transformation of Aliah seeing why her life has become so unmanageable - and then admitting that she is - in fact - a Rockaholix. Then with the support of her very cool son (who will played by her son Zack & some of her wacky rockaholix friends -
she starts the first R.A. meetings.

Then, later as the Mother of Rockaholix she become known as the "Rock Doc" who together with a loveable growing number of Rockaholix going to R.A. meetings that are starting up around the world - and they end up getting the support of rockers around the world who want to help the US to rock the vote & bring peace!

Her son is a grounded business minded kid
(like Alex Keton from Family Ties)
who saw it as a great business venture
from the start and has tons of
Rockaholix merchandise selling.
This zany lovable character's
best friends are his pet Iguana,
his martial arts teacher,
and his Rockaholix Mom.

The film will have many interesting
Courtship Of Eddie's Father
mixed in with the old Kung Fu flash backs of the Martial Arts teacher's training with his teacher and tons of comedy about rockers
taking back our country.

Meanwhile, all the other rockaholix characters in the movie have their own projects and this is what creates a rockumentary feel of several real bands, with real lives, who are serious about making their Rock and Roll dreams come true, and seriously rockaholix in how they go about it - and of course - that's why we love them. All the stories interweave with each scene that follows someone different from each meeting. We get to see up close & personal - all the hysterical up's & downs of pursuing the rock and roll dream. Truth is stranger than fiction and we plan to pull from a lot of the real experiences that the bands have really gone through or are going through at the time of shooting. Mostly, we get to see the positive influence all these loveable rockaholix misfits have as they support
each other to grow through the R.A. meetings
that change their lives.

If you think you may just be a Rockaholix...
take the first step and click below.


The Rockaholix web site is dedicated
to bringing the world to Rock 'n' Roll salvation..
through the R.A. 12 steps
& 7 Pathways to practicing "safe rock"
& rockin' the vote!

FYI : Aliah's original rock song
"Livin' In The Shade" - to be used in the
Rockaholix Rockumentary
made it to #1 on the Rock Top 10 Chart
(under the sub-division of Roots/Rock n Roll)

If you want to hear most of Aliah's
material in full song form.. go to:

Other Feature Film Visions:

(Pro-Peace Movement)

"Full Moon Rising"
(Alternative Homeless Shelters)

& "Street Kids"
Film & TV Series concept
(Alternative Runaway Shelters)

The idea is to birth a band of musician,
actor, comedians with the movie
The Rockaholix and then follow it up
with these next 3 films as an
ongoing adventure for this very
entertaining & unusual band.

Sound like fun?

Tell us about yourself
if you think that you fit that description.

Spiral On Productions
has produced many TV shows, Events,
Aliah's solo CD's, and those of her
and her partner Paz's band SPIRAL.
It's now also the home of
Spiralonwords Publishing as well.

The idea of doing all these film/TV and various projects including books and other products is something that Aliah
and her partner Paz are prepared to do as it flows with life through Spiral On Productions and/or other partners/investors
who step forward and are also on the path of healing the planet.

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