ALIAH SELAH is a free spirit -
an  interdisciplinary artist. 

A singer/songwriter, dancer, and actress
who is also a spirtual activist, yogi, &
Medical Qi Gong Sound Healer.
She continues to move people deeply with her songs,
video art in her music videos,
TV shows, and live shows with the
Lotus Heart Yogadancers.

Aliah has had the honor of acting in scenes with
Valerie Bertinelli and Vanessa Redgrave in the movie first called
FOR THE LOVE OF ZACHARY & later released in 1996 as
and 2 scenes with Heather Locklear in
TEXAS JUSTICE (The made for TV Movie).

ACTING Resume in PDF

Aliah's Music ONE SHEET

Being hired as an
"Arabian Slave" in
helped Aliah to realize that she may have another acting niche - besides being type cast as her usual artsy, bohemian, mystical, hippie type - she's "Multi-Ethnic"
and can do the accents
to back up each of her looks.

Aliah is always interested in working on projects where the character she plays has a wide arch and grows lighter -
&/or is the protagonist
with some very lovable flaws. She's into being real and adding some magic & mystic too - and of course lots of laughs.

Through connecting deeply with everyone
that she's involved with for each project - making it all very meaningful work
that she is very grateful
for every day she is alive.
Growing so much from each one. She is honored to be part of any project that inspires people
to be better people and
better to eachother - through the movies we learn to care more about our loved ones
and the world we share.

Aliah did a MILLER LITE Commercial,
as well as a bit part in the movie Ruta Wakening
with the one & only Fana The Iguana, (1990-2002)
who was co-host of Trippin' In Austin
(over 50,000 in viewer ship - this was one popular Iguana!)

She was a wise & amazing - a bald, mute,
vegetarian, cat-like Iguana who went to several
Rainbow Gatherings and made many friends as
a magical "tinisour" dragon.

Aliah finds that her intuition increased
so much over the years from
needing to communicate telepathically
with a mute animal. And what taught her
to do it was watching how the monks train Caine from
the old KUNG FU series.
Remember... Grasshopper?
"As quickly as you can....
take the pebble from my hand."
Aliah laughs and calls her "parental awakening"...
Kung Fu and Iguana Therapy?!?

Her whole music experiences in bands and hosting
a popular Austin Music/Ativism Variety TV Show
lead her to doing stand up comedy... as a Rockaholix.
(In Austin, just about everyone is a rockaholix
and proud of it too!)
(Find out if U R a Rockaholix?)
Now as the Mother of Rockaholix... "Rock Doc Aliah" -
is helping people to find their "inner rock star"
& Rock 4 Peace - through Rockaholix meetings as
pre-production for the movie that will be part of the

Aliah's Music ONE SHEET

Zack's Acting Photos & Info

Zack Rheinstein Photography

Zackariah Rheinstein,
son of Paz and Aliah,
has been training
to be both in front of
and behind the camera
all his life.

Again, if you have a cool project
like that for a young actor (& his Mom) -
send us an email and
let us know all about it,
location & shooting dates.


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