ALIAH SELAH is a free spirit -
an  interdisciplinary artist. 

A singer/songwriter, dancer, and actress
who is also a spirtual activist, yogi, &
Medical Qi Gong Sound Healer.
She continues to move people deeply with her songs,
video art in her music videos,
TV shows, and live shows with the
Lotus Heart Yogadancers.

2 Current Series

Atmospheric Dreamscape Abstracts

& Soul Painting Series - Acrylics and Pastels

All paintings can be ordered on 5 x 7 & 3 x 5 Art Cards.

Horizontal Pieces
Vertical Pieces


Sphere Of Now

Mystic Moon

One Tree Standing

Mountain Portal

Morning Flowers

Soon to add newer paintings.
More Collages along with The Collaged
Transparenting Tarot - I Ching
3 Card Readings For The Now

& Aliah is working on a
Moon Cycle Qigong Soung Healing Calendar

Aliah's paintings are used in her music videos
and pads for the new web show: *

* will also include some that Aliah painted
with her son Zackariah and a Soul Painging she did of his energetics.

2 paintings she cocreated with Zackariah:

Warrior Spirit (2001 Acrylic at age 4) & Heart Work (2002 Acrylic at Age 5)

And another one with her hand prints and her son's at about 3 on it - he's now 20.

It wil start with Aliah Selah's first real painting that was channeled...
7 hours non-stop and thrn judt knowing it was done.

*Future Vision (Oils)
(*A self-portrait done at age 20)

"Future Vision" was the first real painting Aliah had done and the only oil painting she has ever done. She was to be painted by an art student who just didn't feel it... so he left the canvas -
there with only her hat that he had started to paint on it.
Her roommate - Jamie Erfurdt - an amazing painter who had all the paints there. Jamie gave her the inspiration to finish the painting. It took 7 hours and she knew exactly when to stop and that is what the painting taught her. When to stop.

Jamie became a mentor to Aliah in painting... just being around this prolific painter who loved Georgia O Keefe and Monet just like Aliah - with beautifully vibrant colors.

They shared a flat on the corner of Haight & Ashbury where the corner living room became a hang out place for many deep thinking artists who would come to talk about life and art at their Pot Lucks. Aliah's Piano Teacher Steven Dennis was a regular who would play his classical music effortlessly & accompany Aliah singing modern songs by his teacher and folk songs by Judy Collins and Joni Mitchell. He encouraged her to play her own songs and especially these long meditative jams she would do on the piano - as he said ..."where Aliah would color with sound." During this painting session she was told by Judy Davis (who only accepted professional singers) that she had been accepted as her student - she studied with her for 5 years and learned Judy Davis's covertone method that Judy had learned by working with Barbra Streisand - who did it naturally.

It took 7 hours to complete her first & only to date oil self-portrait painting and she knew exactly when to stop and that is what it taught her. How to know-when the creation is done & stop. A vital lesson for an artist to learn.




Moon Tide


Flowers For You

Dolphin Ship

Flower Mountain

Light As A Feather

Earth Aura

Avatar Tree Spirit (Acrylic)
Inspired by the movie... Avatar




May 6 & 7th 2017, 10am-6pm - 17th Ave. - 17th Anniversay Art Show

CoCreative Sound Healing Art Studio
Building 1, Studio 6
980 17th Ave - 17th Ave. Art Studios
Aliah's Shows within the show:

Shades Of Images CD & Art Show

An Interactive Art Experience:
Isness Vision Questing

May 13th 2017 5-8pm - Artist Activist Art Show At VAPA Open House
Cabrillo Collage - Art Deptment
Aliah's paintings that are featured

In the Gallery Area
Dance Light Continually Moving


in The Artist Activist Art Show -

Save The Humans!
An ET Centered Mini-instillation

With 1 Mix Media & 4 Paintings
(2 Interactive):
Blessings To Our Elders (Mixed Media)
Selfie with an ET
Where Is Your Star?
Dolphin Messages to Mothership
Out Blackhole Over LA

And Featuring:
a paintings inspired by the Orion Nebula...

The Stairway 2 Heaven Rocks (Acrylic)

Aliah was able to paint a nebula after
studying & painting clouds with:

Cloud Vision (Acrylic)
This taught her about light and shadows.
Her painting guides told her to place a lamp to be the sun where the sun would be (with the shade off - just the bulb) and and then obserbewhere the shadows fell and where highlights were needed. So she looked at it and she could see what would make it 3D - where the natural shadows fell and lift was needed with a highlight - and just painted them in.



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