Returning to Amsterdam, Aliah played 2 songs inspired by the September 11th Tragedy
performed October 17th
(only 3 weeks after)
at the A2A Music Festival Showcase that was dedicated to the victims.

"The Holy City"
(Inspired & co-written lyrically from a poem that was written by Jake Gooze - who designs alternative energy systems now - written in Jerusalem during Aliah's first
one woman show "A Dancer For Peace" Touring
to Israel, France & Amsterdam.
Blessings for Jake!)

& "We Here Now"

Inspired by Ram Dass's amazing book
"Be Here Now"
a title that was a cool slogan for the revolutionary 60's, yet for the
"Now Generation" demanding enlightenme
in a command- not only deny's our growth, it contradicts itself.  
We Here Now, is the upgrade - in that it acknowledges that we're all in this together. We are all on the path to knowing this and now it's more of a celebration of all of our growth inside & out -
that's evolving our planet, together to get that
we are all in this together!

Coming to you soon....
Aliah Selah's
first one woman show
"A Dancer For Peace"
incorporated her music, poetry, & dance
and traveled to Israel, France, & Amsterdam.

Photo by Jake Gooze

"We Here Now" ended uniquely
with a channeled chant, ending the concert:

"Pray to the light, of the peace,
of the one; that we all know what we've begun;
we will bring the peace we seek,
as we care for the ones who are weak;
we will understand the gentle ways,
when we see, who we were in former days,
is not who we are... right now.
(passing over the lit candle with a prayer staff made of feathers & stones.
The candle light goes out.. after the word.. now.)

Aliah first publicly used the phrase the
"Now Generation"
on News8Austin during the coverage of her
We Here Now Holiday Peace Bazaar

Aliah explains the "Now Generation"
who come in all ages
as those who not only care-
(especially after "Generation X"
who seemed too apathetic
to really care about anything)

Those of the "Now Generation" are
not interested in the past- or who's against who-
because of this or that reason -
or who did what to whom because of whatever - they are here & now
and only interested in what can be done now
to make things better.
They are soltuionaries!

(Check out Aliah's article about meeting Ralph Nader
during his Democracy Rising Tour published in Austin Daze:
"Solutionaries of the Now Generation!")

Homeschooled Teenagers from Santa Cruz - they rock!

Full Circle & Then Some..
by Aliah Selah

        Returning to Amsterdam was quite magical in the context of all that was happening to help us to go, against all odds.  First of all, when I was invited to play at the A2A Music Festival, we didn't have the money to go. However, it had been a very special spiritual quest to go there years ago and I took returning to Amsterdam as as a sign to prove my faith and willingness to do what Spirit wanted, whether I go or not. So on pure faith, and what I felt was Spirit's orders, I went ahead and told them I would be doing the showcase. As soon as we committed to go, the miracles started happening. While cleaning, I found some old TWA Frequent Flyer miles from 10 years ago that we never used, enough for 1 & 1/2 tickets. Then, while we were in New York the next week, I put my alto up for sale in a woodwind specialty shop and my prayers became focused with the mantra: "If it is your will- Alto to Amsterdam". When we got home, I found out that TWA doesn't go to Amsterdam and the extra travel costs would not make it worth it. However, within the month, TWA was bought out by American Airlines and they did go to Amsterdam. The timing was amazing the way it all came together for us each step of the way. All this was proving my faith, being in release about going, and praying only to serve by doing Spirit's will, either way.

        The biggest conformation came when my Mark VI Alto Sax (I enjoy playing Tenor so much more now) sold on the very day we had to pay for the tickets- selling in that New York shop within a week after the September 11th tragedy. Then, there was the challenge of just going on a plane anywhere, (especially with my son) only 3 weeks after September 11th had happened.  I had written 2 new songs about the life changing experience that our country was sharing and I felt compelled to take the journey so I could share them with folks in Europe. My intuition told me we would be safe and I had to trust that as part of the vision quest. 

        The final sign that we should really go was that nearing our departure date, I lost my voice, so I felt I had to canceled the trip & I did- why go if I can't sing?   Then, a healer friend and percussionist I was playing with (Harvey Trahan) came to our house and gave me two healings, two days in a row & I felt my voice returning. So I called the airlines and the next miracle was when the airlines let me change our tickets- with no added costs and then the festival gave me back my slot. 

        We got there a day before the gig.  The next day, the day of the gig, I was told by a woman who did PR for the festival to go to a New Age bookstore, to put up my poster about my showcase at the De Brokke Theater (which turned out to be this amazing huge theater by the way) & to ask them sell my CD's there.  I casually asked the person who worked there if they knew "Rebecca (I didn't even have her last name) who was a healer who had been my friend years ago there.. I remember she had done dances to each of the Bach Flower Remedies-" (that was all I remembered that would have her stand out).  Then, the guy handed me her phone #, (apparently she had worked there at one point) and I got a hold of her in time for her to go to the gig that night.  This made the whole trip so meaningful to me.  Reconnecting with my friend that had helped me so much while I was in Amsterdam the first time.. years ago. Other than being a spiritual guide on the path, she also helped me by letting me stay in her friend's house boat (converted barge on the Damsel) back then, while I prepared for my concert at the Kosmos where slide backgrounds were also incorporated into the "A Dancer For Peace" show.  I was inspired by Peace Pilgrim, (who traveled by foot 7x's across the US in the name of peace) to begin traveling as "A Dancer For Peace" (at the Kosmos in Amsterdam the concert was on the same bill as Timothy Leary's Evolution Tour) and as I traveled the tour became more and more of a spiritual quest.

        She did an amazing healings on both Paz & I, and I did a Transparenting Tarot/I-Ching reading for her and her boyfriend Luke, who's also a musician and also turned us on to his soon to be release CD. We're now in contact through e-mailing.  The wondrous journey, all so that I could reconnect with Rebecca.. who now also has taken her hebrew name of Rifka.  She was radiant as I remembered.. her healing was powerful and her art is blossoming, she's even working with Luke on a poetic performance art CD. To have her see how much I'd grown spiritually & musically since my first visit was a real confirmation for me of my growth.  Through her eyes, I could see how far my music has come - I was able to share my first solo CD Acoustic Perfume and second one Shades Of Images. Through the concert, I was able to share many of the songs that will be on the upcoming 3rd solo CD (that was to be called Wildflowers and now is being called IN LIGHT OF NOW - that I am writing on ABLETON LIVE. Songs that are inspired by what I now call "Spiritual Activism". This continues my "A Dancer For Peace" dedication to world peace through inner peace (inspired by Peace Pilgrim) from back when I knew Rifka years ago. I also shared some of my more intimate songs in a private concert for her and some friends that will be on my other CD's now in
pre-production: (Bless The Water & Bein' Bare) about doing the deep spiritual growth of "getting real" and being who we is. Blessings to people like Rifka who helped me to believe in myself early on - I have them to thank for where I am now. I seek to be a similar force to as many folks as I can - to help them encourage their art through a Web/TV show: Creative Evolution.

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