Interview on KKMJ on Mother''s Day May 11th 2003.

Well known DJ Eric Leikam is a good friend of Aliah's
and has been a wonderful supporter of Aliah's music for years.
It goes back to her first videos she made on the popular access TV show
Trippin' in Austin
where she was the VJ/ host and showcased all kinds of creative folks
and activists around Austin with her partner Paz & co-host "Fana The Iguana"
(who made the cover of The Daily Texan-UT paper, on the top of Aliah's head.).

Then, at a party for Mike's Feedback Magazine
(where Eric was a writer - he recently published an amazing book Soulblurts )
and Aliah did a column called "Urban Vision Questing" with her tag line:
"Trippin' in Awe-Stunned" that inspired her show concept for Creativity Lives!
That idea grew into the new TV show: Creative Evolution.
Anyway Aliah's video came on TV and that's when he heard it and dubbed her:
"A kinder, gentler, Tori Amos".

He was also there for her with her 1st CD Acoustic Perfume as a DJ at KLBJ.
And when he was giving her airplay at KKMJ even before her 2nd CD
Shades Of Images
was released.

Now Eric works at KGRS and is giving her songs some spins
along with Jody Denberg who played her song "Listen" on the Daily Demo
off her first CD Acoustic Perfume & then the remake of the song on the 2nd CD Shades Of Images.

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