Upcoming New Mexico Gigs:

Art Hop At The
Grapevine Bistro
413 North Broadway Street
Truth Or Consequences, NM
Saturday Brunch Set:
Music Video/Art Showcases & Art Hop Sets: 6pm-9pm

November 12th, 2016
December 10th, 2016

Full Moons Bath House
Concert Series At:
Sacred Waters
Sanctuary Spa
Truth Of Consequences, NM

Saturday, October 15th, 2016
Sunday, November 13th, 2016
Wednesday, Dec 13th, 2016

Currently planning a Tour to New Zealand, Austrailia, and Europe.

Recent Past Gigs:

Shades Of Images CD Release & Art Show-
Aliah's Art & Photography -
Urban Crystal Blessings
Grapevine Bistro, Truth Of Consequences, NM

Bless The Water Music Video Release
Grapevine Bistro, Truth Of Consequences, NM

Yearly Gigs:
Rejuvenation Festivals - Santa Cruz, CA
Earth Day Festivals - Santa Cruz, CA

Quarterly Gigs:
Divinitree Yoga Studio - Santa Cruz, CA
Body & Soul Yoga Studio - Santa Cruz, CA
Esalen Hot Springs - Santa Cruz, CA

Special Events:
Sound Healing Music Festival Los Gatos, CA

Cabrillo College
Black Box Dance Concert Soquel, CA

Inner Light Center Soquel, CA


Other News For The New Mexico -
Shades Of Images CD Release & Art Show

"Come Alive" you can hear at: 
Aliah's Dream Pop/Electronica
"FaceBook Birthday Song"
Aliah sends a link to all her FB Friends -
with Distance Reiki Blessings.

"Come Alive" has been nominated
for an Independent Music Award for for Best Eclectic Song -
along with the Shades Of Images CD in the category of:
Best Adult Contemporary & Best Eclectic CD.
Also, Best Music Videos: "Listen"
"Bless The Water" & "Venus In Aquarius"

Hear new music, check out gigs, and see newest music videos at:

Dream Pop song “Listen”
dedicated to Peace Pilgrim,
MLK Jr. and Gandhi -
was released on
Sep 21st 2016 for
World Peace Day & Fall Equinox
offering a soulful and
easy going vibe of listening
to others,
guidance, and within.

& more Music Videos at:
& YouTube

Visit Aliah's Soundcloud Page
Featuring her Dream Pop, Electronica,
Astro Qi Sound Healing Activations,

and Sacred Jam Band - Spiral On


ALIAH SELAH is a free spirit -
an  interdisciplinary artist, 

a singer/songwriter, dancer,
and actress
who is
also a spirtual activist, yogi, &
Medical Qigong Sound Healer.
continues to move people deeply
with her songs, video art in her music videos,
TV shows, and live shows with the
Lotus Heart Yogadancers.

See new music video "Listen"
at the New Site for all the awesome
Lotus Heart Yogadancers
around the globe!

Contact us for bookings.

Please if you are down with the mission to bliss the world out...
LIKE Aliah Selah's
Music Facebook Page
Thanks for all your LIKES & PLAYS!
Let us know -
if you are insterested in these ongoing projects!


Visioning on
Raising Emotional Intelligence
and what that means for our world.

We are honoring those
who are
Evolving CoCreativity
and inspiring others to do the same.


Lotus Heart Yogadancers

For the upcoming

Aliah Choreographs her Music
through CoCreative producing music videos with LOTUS HEART YOGADANCERS in beautiful serene Nature with her paintings and sacred art objects.

To find out more about:




CoCreative Music & Yogadance

AromaTone Qi Gong Sessions

& Reiki Sound Healing - Trainings

Longevity & Holistic Life Counseling

Transparenting Tarot - I-Ching
& Astrology Sessions
with Aliah Selah.
Both Aliah & Paz for Couples, Family/Group Astro Readings.

Shades Of Images CD

"What Is So?"
is co-written with Music Producer - Justin Gray....
and was described in an Austin Daze article as

"rock with a psychedelic edge"
Austin Daze Music Reviewer Sharon Jones
goes on to say:
"Cuts like "What Is So?"
& “Dig Deep”

(are) both modern stand-out tracks,
with major commercial appeal."


Spiral On - Sacred Jam Band - Funky World Beat Fusion Featuring Aliah Selah

(Aliah Selah, with Alan Sitar Brown, and Paz Rheinstein)

All 3 Spiral On CD's are being produced into the SPIRAL ON MUSIC VIDEO DVD SET Released for Clubs, House Parties, & Festivals

10/10/10/ CD Pre-Release:

For the Spiral on.. HOMEWORLD CD release party Aliah did a healing on a dear healer friend as she danced around her... to the new CD music... together with others... who blessed our planet on 10/10/10.

This CD is being set to video images... so that it will be between segments on the band's new Web/TV Show:

Aliah improvised over dubs at Gagetbox studios...
the owner is a dear friend - Andy Z - is a dear friend who they jammed with years ago in Austin where Paz & Aliah made 10 years of
TV & Music.

So Andy, Gabe, and Patrick -all brilliant engineers who brought a cosmic blend of old and new to life on
Spiral on... HOMEWORLD.
A magical offering of funk-rock spoken word with layered vocal harmonies on an ongoing Jam that features
Steve Burnal (one of Austin's gifted Bassists who played in countless Austin Legendary bands - Joe Rockhead, Billy White Trio, and so many others - really - he even has been given his own day from the Mayor of Austin)
offering his mind blowingly awesome fretless Bass lines... just before he moved on to cello.

Perhaps Steve Bernal
will add some cello
in the future?


11/11/11 CD Pre

All 3 CD's are being made into music videos to be featured on:

We seek to showcase
visionary artists
of all kinds -
to be featured and interviewed.

We are celebrating those who are
evolving creatively and
inspiring others to do the same. The Shades Of Images CD ends with the track - "What Is So?" ending the CD with

Aliah puts Sound Healing into all her music and makes Custom Activations
and Hosts
Reiki Sound Healing Circles.

Check out her SOUND HEALING Facebook Groups:


Check out Aliah's Infinite OM:
Aliah's Soundcloud


Let us know
if you would like to be on our shows,
play at and/or
be informed of upcoming gigs..

updates on projects...

or to give your
unique listeners comments that
help us to continue to do what we do.

12/12/12 CD Pre-Release:

wehewenow CD Cover

We Here Now is a booklet that Aliah wrote - inspired by the well known & loved -

Be Here Now
by Ram Dass

Commanding Consciousness - more resonant of the turbulant 60's - where as
We Here Now
is more of a celebration of our mutual awakening
all over the planet - NOW.

Why do the Pre-Released o
n 12/12/12 ?

The arrow is pointing on the CD
to the Galactic Center.
This is apx. where we are now
in the Milky Way Galaxy.
At the same time Pluto is closest to the sun
(and us) in the elliptical orbit it is moving.
The 2 have not happened at the same time
for a very long time... (5125 years)
and this is the meaning of the Mayan Calendar.

Mayan Elder says:
"12/22 - Something will change
with the sun... take time to meditate & pray with the sun
and ask to be much better."

12/21 have a prayerful ceremony among close family & friends.

Humanity is about to enter the
Temple of Grace... where all is forgiven in the light of what we face together.
It is time to come together in peace.

This is the message of Aliah's Soundscape
Music Video:
Across The Universe 2013

To show we made it to 2013 and will find a way to get beyond limits to solutions for our birthright - a sustainable & attainable peace.

ATU2013 was nominated for a
2013 Hollywood Music Award in Jazz.
Special Thanks
to being recorded with the legendary
Jamey Aebersold Band:
Steve Allee/Piano
Tyrone Wheeler/Bass
Steve Davis/Drums.
& Special Guest -
Alan Sitar Brown/Sitar.

This Modal Jazz version of John Lennon's channeled song is an offering to inspire and calm fears of The Myan Calandar ending
Dec 2012.
This offering of a Sunset Ocean Blessing is for all of us to find our inner calm that begins with OM.

-Past 2007 & 2008 -
In The SF Bay Area CA (Berkeley):

Nov 2008 "Little Shelf" - Aliah's unique sung & spoken word performance art song that opens her Shades of Images CD was nominated for a
Hollywood Music Award in Ambient & New Age Categories. Hear it at: Aliah's in pre-production for it's video.
Tell us what you see and we may put that in the video.... Contact us.

Nov 2007"Little Shelf" was nominated for 2 LA Music Awards in Female Vocals & the Experimental Category.

July 29th Sunday 12:00 RUN FOR THE TREES CONCERT - A Plant A Tree Benefit - hosted by Betty Biodiesel
at Ashkenas 1317 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA 94702 with Paz on hand drum - Aliah offered an a capella blessing opening the concert.

-Past 2006 Gigs-
In The SF Bay Area CA (Berkeley):

Dec 9th Saturday at 3:00-9:00 Personal Source World Peace Holiday Bazaar
A special thanks to all the folks who celebrated peace together.
Personal Source Wellness Center

After watching the movie about Gandhi's life - we were inspired by wondering what he may have done to help support peace in this time in history.
We felt he would have dug those of all faiths coming together to pray for peace and later found out the Dali Lama suggested the same - what a blessing!

So that's what we did. We invited the Christian Bookstore owner on the right side of Personal Source and the Muslim Barber on the left side to come together,
and light a candle & pray
for peace. As part of this - we had these wonderful musicians come to bless the space with their songs, light a candle saying a prayer for peace:

Scott Kalenstein (New Thought Singer/Songwriter & Song Improvizationalist) Scott is intuitively guided with spontaneous songs that he co-creates with you.
He has many songs of his own as well, both funny and emotionally moving. He added a special magic to the event and got everyone singing & laughing together - such a gift!

Moral Integrity (Young Positive Rap Group) These gifted young brothers,
Tevah El Emmet (15) & Tahlib Rosheed (13) who are offering a new kind of rap that speaks to youth about making better choices in life - they're inspirational and very entertaining.

Spiral on... (Funky Earth Jams) Paz & Aliah rejoiced in a spontaneous vocal jam for the opening blessing and ended the evening with playing a cut off of their soulful passage of jams -
they played ZOOM POP - a sound that is continuing to evolve onward with over new dubs... all dedicated to peace and is being released on 11/11/11

-Past 2005 Gigs-
In The San Diego/Southern CA Area:

July 9th Sunday at 4:00 - 4:30 LIVE JIVE AT THE HIVE's 3rd Anniversary Party Showcases
The Hive Music & Media Complex in Hollywood, CA
The Live Jive At The Hive will be filmed by Music Plus TV
Indi-artist Showcase includes: Bands, an Art Show, a Fashion Show, & Film Screenings.
"It was an honor to play there with other cool musicians in the LA Scene & what a scene it was!" -Aliah

May 1st Sunday EarthFair 2005
Balboa Park Sky Stage 3:00-3:45pm

Jan - April Sunday Celebrations 10:30-12:00pm
- Musical Director
Shiloh Spiritual Center - Native American & Universal Teachings
5995 Mission Gorge Road (Directions available at Web site)
Aliah really grew to love the wonderful community at Shiloh and the supportive, inspiring visions of Rev. Roxie.
She is honored to have them using some of her original songs regularly & happy to pass the torch over to Mama Christy.

-2004 Gigs-
In The San Diego/Southern CA Area:

February 14th Saturday 5-7pm Agape Valentines Day Concert
With Spoken Word Poets: Deane & Delores

Hot Monkey Love Cafe
5 960 El Cajon Blvd. San Diego, CA 92115 (El Cajon & College)

In The New York Area:

March 14th Sunday Service @11:00AM (Morning Meditation @ 10:45-11:00)
New York's Creative Light Church Of Religious Science
(BETWEEN PRINCE & SPRING ST.) 552 Broadway (3rd Floor)

In The San Diego/Southern CA Area:


Solo for the opening: June 4th, 5th (Saturday) & June 11th

Dates With Intermission Guest Spot's:
June 18th with Heidi (Belly Dancer)
June 25th with In The Moment (Native American Contemporary Ambient Trio)
(See the July poster)
July 2nd Mama Christy & Mike (of Mama Christy Band - Soulful Positive Folk Rock now called Darzana.)
(Full Moon and Mama Christy's Birthday Celebrations...
July 16th Poets: Jerlyn Marie & Serena Goldsmith (See the Aug. poster)
Aug 20th Poet, Ritual Performance Artist: Natalie (Fox) Maisel
Sep. 24th Singer/Songwriter & Channeled Songs: Scott Kalechstein
"Special thanks to these fine artists and everyone at the Exotic Bamboo Imports & Tea House - it was real!' - Aliah Selah

September 11th Saturday Night 10-12pm Aliah Selah & SPIRAL played the show: "Dance Trust Awake"
For a Sep. 11th Healing Celebration at Whole Being Weekend in Idyllwild, CA.
Check out this amazing gathering:

Sep. 25th Saturday The Adam's Ave. Street Fair 2004
Opening Ceremonies 10:15 - 11:00 am on the Felton Acoustic Stage
under the beloved Normal Heights sign (Felton & Adam's Street).

Broadjam Top 10 Lists in 2004:

Tuesday, June 01, 2004
"Little Shelf" has entered the California Top 10 List and reached #1
"Little Shelf" has entered the West Top 10 List and reached #1
"Little Shelf" has entered the Production - Other Tempo Top 10 List and reached #1
"Little Shelf" has entered the Production - Female Vocals Top 10 List and reached #1

Wednesday, June 09, 2004 & Saturday, June 26, 2004
"Starchild" has entered the Rock - Roots/Rock n' Roll Top 10 at Broadjam!

Monday, June 14, 2004 & Sunday, June 20, 2004
"Evergald" has entered the Jazz - Fusion Top 10 at Broadjam!

-2003 Gigs-
In The San Diego/Southern CA Area:

Thursdays 8-10pm Sep - Dec (when they closed their doors for good after 14 years of being a magical spot.)
Miracles Cafe - 1953 San Elijo Ave. Cardiff By The Sea, CA
See Nov 2003 Vision Magazine review.
Musicians and poet friends joined Aliah at her
ongoing Thursday Night at Miracles Cafe for an evening of inspiring poetry, prayer and song.
"Thanks for the wonderful memories... like the Uplifting Memorial Concert (see poster) - Sep 11th 8-10pm And the cool evenings with the ocean breeze...
and thank you Brigitte Menges for to opportunity to see if we could help raise a voice to help save it." - Aliah Selah

September 13th (Sat. Dinner) 5:30-7:30 pm Whole Being Weekend 2003
The Healing Garden
, Buckhorn Camp Idylwild, CA

September 20th Saturday 4:30-5:30 World Peace Children's Festival
Balboa Park - World Beat Center

September 27th Saturday 12:00 noon - 12:30pm Adams Avenue Street Fair 2003
Troubadour Acoustic Stage (at Felton & Adams Ave.)

September 28th Sunday 4:00-5:00
San Diego Body, Mind, & Spirit EXPO
Scottish Rite Cathedral 1895 Camino del Rio South San Diego, CA

October 5th Sunday 7:30 pm An Intimate Evening of Sacred Song... (see the poster)
101 Artists' Colony 25 East 'E' Street Encinitas, CA
Featuring Sacred Singer/Songwriters: Tina Malia, Sasha Butterfly, Jillian Speers, and Aliah Selah.

October 11th Saturday (event: 11:00pm-11:00pm) San Diego's World Peace Music & Art Faire
(see the poster) A Benefit for Dennis Kucinich Victor's By The Bay 2702 N Mission Bay Dr. San Diego, CA

October 12th Saturday 5:00-6:00pm Orange County Body, Mind, & Spirit EXPO
Orange County Fair & Exposition Center 88 Fair Drive Costa Mesa, CA

October 15th 7:00pm Wednesday Night Seaside Church Service
With Rev. Tammy Miller Theme: Prosperity 1613 Lake Drive Encinitas, CA 92024

Oct. 31st Friday 8:00 -?
2nd Annual Cosmic Halloween Dance
The New Encinitas Community Center
1140 Oakcrest Park Dr. Encinitas, CA 92024
Alma Melodiosa, Aliah Selah, DJ Patrick Harvard (LA Groove Master)

Nov. 1st Saturday Night 8:00 Opening for Austin's Asylum Street Spankers
101 Artists' Colony 25 East 'E' Street Encinitas, CA

Nov. 8th Saturday Night 8-12:00 Harmonic Concor-dance Celebration @ Dance Home in Santa Monica w/TONEHENGE & Aliah Selah
(Aliah's LA Showcase of the Electronica tunes from her Shades Of Images CD) Aliah also sat in w/TONEHENGE (w/ Paz) for the evening and the whole event was digitally recorded.
(see poster above)

Nov. 16th Sunday Night 7:00-10:00pm 101 Artists' Colony 25 East 'E' Street Encinitas, CA

In The New York Area:

November 30th Sunday Service @11:00AM (Morning Meditation @ 10:45-11:00)
New York's Creative Light Church Of Religious Science
(BETWEEN PRINCE & SPRING ST.) 552 Broadway (3rd Floor)

In The San Diego/Southern CA Area:

December 20th Saturday Night 9:00pm Pre-Solstice Gig
Christy & Her band w/ Special Guest Aliah Selah (see poster)
Galoka Vegetarian Cuisine& Lounge 5662 La Jolla Blvd. La Jolla, CA

December 21st Sunday 9pm
101 Artists' Colony 25 East 'E' Street Encinitas, CA (see poster)
A Solstice Gathering featuring the music of *Christy & Aliah Selah
(*The artist formally known as Mama Christy.) Aliah displayed her paintings too.

-2003 Gigs-
In The Austin Area:

Thursday nights 7-9pm - Mr. Natural (at their new location - S. Lamar & Bluebonnet)

Jan 4th Saturday Night The Aware House w/ The Living Tarot (see poster)

March 4th Friday S.O.S. Benefit (She was especially asked to play "Bless The Water" - a song used for the cause on TV.)

March 5th 4:00-5:00 at Palmer Events Center Austin Body, Mind, & Spirit EXPO

March 15th SOTV (Sacred Originality) Airs 2:00-4:00am SXSW Weekend
(Many of Aliah's music video's showcased.)

March 16th 7:00pm Peace Vigil at the Capitol asked to play "What Is So?"

March 28th Sacred Cup 7-10 Aliah Selah & Friends (Video Taped)

April 16th Wednesday Flipnotics Coffee Space Shades Of Images CD Release Party

April 27th 2 & 5pm Auditorium Shores (see photo) Austin Earth Day EXPO

May 11th Sunday night 1 -11:00pm KKMJ Interview with DJ Eric Leikam (see photo)

June 15th Movie SWEETWATER airs on PBS (Aliah's song "Sweetwater" is the title track.)


July & August in the studio with CD demos & then on to the
Shades Of Images West Coast Tour that lead Aliah to move back to San Diego
where she had lived & played music before with Paz and their band SOULER SYSTEM.

-2002 Gigs and Before-
In The Austin Area:

Lots of gigs & radio support during the Lilith years..
from the release of her first CD Acoustic Perfume.

High on the list of amazing gigs was returning to Amsterdam
(where she had performed with her "A Dancer For Peace Tour" years ago)
just weeks after Sep. 11th.. to showcase in the A2A Music Festival -
Oct 19th Friday Night - De Broke Grond Theater
playing a magical set about peace and forgiveness in a huge theater.
And the We Here Now Holiday Bazaar - for the holiday right after 9/11.
A celebration of every faith - Christmas, Chanukah, Kawanza, Solstice - presentations for each one between music.
Craft Fair at Macrobiotic Restaurant Casa De Luz - it was a healing for everyone.
Aliah was on Channel 8 news talking about the Now Generation who are ready to make sustainable answers now.

"So many miracles and the best is yet to come.. may you always know that you are blessed & do your thang with love!"

-Aliah Selah

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